Mao Huanjun --NINGBO SUNREI OUTDOOR PRODUCTS CO., LTD / Founder& Chief Designer

Mr. Mao is not only an fanatical outdoor fans, but also a dedicated product designer. Love outdoors, advocate freedom. With more than ten years experience in plastic injection molds and industrial design. Be keen on outdoor activities, such as caving, climbing, biking and motor bike. We firmly believe that good design comes from outdoor sports.

In 2007, we started products design, established brand: SUNREI, one of Chinese own outdoor lighting brands 

In 2011, C5 won Silver Award in Asia Outdoor Industry Award 

In 2012, CC series multi-functional camping lantern won the China Manufacturing Excellence Award and the Best Product Design Award of the Hefeng Award Industrial Design Award

 In 2013, Youdo headlamp won the Best Product Design Award for the Industrial Design Awards

 In 2014, EOS headlamp won China Manufacturing Beauty Excellence Award

 In 2015, Coolpal headlamp won China Design Red Star Award

 In 2016, Crius won ISPO Award and has invention patents such as constant-lighting battery case

2017, MOCO won Silver Award for Best Product Design Award in the Hefeng Award Industrial Design Award